School ELTA – Miss Grace


        Hello everyone! My name is Grace Blessing. I am originally from Texas in the United States of American and have only been living here for about one month. I have been volunteering with children from a very young age, but I started working with them as a job in college. I have worked with the Kindergarten age for 7 years. The school year of 2017 thru 2018 I was the lead teacher of a Kindergarten class of 20 students back in Texas in the United States.


        I love to travel. I have been to 9 countries and would like to continue to add to this number. I enjoy drinking coffee with friends. I also often spend time drawing. My favorite animal is the elephant and my favorite color is blue. I enjoy being around other people and love to smile.


        This year at Yuen Long Po Kok Primary School I will be helping with the P2 and P5 classes during class time, but would love to talk with you and your children in the mornings or during recess time. I am excited to get to know your family this year!