2015-2016 English Department
Date: Oct 19th 2015
Event: Halloween Costume Party

Everyone participated in the masquerade and costume party. It was fun watching the magical characters come to life.
Date: Multiple Intelligence Lesson
Event: Chess Class

You wouldn’t want to miss this challenging activity organized by our ELTA, Mr Babik
Date: Dec 14th 2015
Event: Cultural Exchange –Boomerang decoration and game

It was a precious moment when our school was visited by our Australian friends in an exchange program. We enjoyed sharing with them our Chinese culture and our local snacks, such as Wife Cake, and they in turn shared their culture and taught our students how to make Boomerangs.
Date: Dec 18th 2015
Event: A talk by SPCA -Animal endangered

To arouse students’ passion and compassion to help save animals, our school invited the SPCA to give a talk on protecting endangered animals.
Date: Every Friday
Event: English Friday-Fishing game

Students love English Friday and they specially like the Phonics Fishing Game. A rich variety of fun-filled language related activities are held every Friday to provide opportunities for students to use the language in a meaningful context.
Date: Every Saturday
Event: Parent-child Strategic Reading Programme

To cultivate strong reading habits, our schools joint effort with our parents, a Parent-child Strategic Reading Programme was launched to equip parents with necessary parent-child reading strategies. Both parents and children were delighted during these precious moments when they read together.
Date: Nov 16th 2015
Event: Choral speaking competition

See how smart and confident our Po Kok P1 and P2 girls are in choral speaking! Our school has won a certificate of merit in the HK Schools Speech Festival.
Date: Nov 23rd –Nov 27th 2015
Event: SCOLAR English Alliance Typhoon Reading Club

Our school collaborated with SCOLAR and the Typhoon Reading Club to give the students a wonderful experience in learning English. Stepping out of the classrooms, with the fresh breeze and the lovely sunshine, learning English is such fun!
Date: Dec 18th 2015
Event: English Week-Endangered Animals

To create an encouraging language environment, English Week was held twice a year. During the English Week in December, a fascinating childhood favourite character, the big red dog Clifford, was invited to visit our school and learn English with our Po Kok boys and girls through different amusing language-art activities such as singing contests, penmanship competitions and an English Fun Fair. Isn’t that fantastic? Learning English can be done while we are protecting nature.

Date: Dec 14th –Dec 18th 2015
Event: English Week
Congratulations to all excellent Students` good work.
Date: April 19th 2016
Event: English Week-Save the “Mr. Earth” (game)

Our next English Week which was entitled ‘My Green Dream’ was another hit among our students. We had a lot of interesting activities going on. One of them was the ‘Planet Race’ where students had to decorate a plastic egg and write some messages on it to save the Earth. Next they had an Egg Race where they had to race, pick an egg, walk with the egg balancing on a bat and finally after they have gathered the eggs they had to read the words inside and put them together on the board to form a sentence. Isn’t that marvelous? Learning English can be done through physical activity as well!
Date: April 19th 2016
Event: English Week-My Green Dream message writing

These lovely girls have just finished writing some tips about environmental protection and decorating their message on a recycled cardboard paper.
Date: Jan 5th 2016
Event: English e-learning class

There are various exciting and child-friendly apps that we use in teaching English. Our students are trained to be versatile and to pave the way to take up challenges in the world of technology.
Date: March 14th 2016
Event: Pledge signing to promise no animals show in the school activities

Our students volunteered to sign the petition to stop violence against animals! We are very proud of our precious students who have vowed to protect the environment and endangered animals.

2. English Activities
Implementation Plan
School Speech Festival—Solo Verse Speaking
School Speech Festival—Choral Speaking
External Activities/Competition
English Ambassadors
English Wonderland
English Friday
Jolly Party
English Week
English Remedial Course for the Newly Arrived Children
RTHK-Sunday Smile
Puppetry Competition
Interview Training
4. Subject resources/self-directing zone

The online e-learning platform, i-learner, is subscribed to allow students access to comprehensive reading material at specifically graded levels, which can allow students to star where they comfortable and read at increasing levels of difficulty.
There is also a school e-class system where parents can find exercises or recordings which may support some of the work that students do. Teachers usually indicate to students when they should look here for further information.