Yuen Long Po Kok Primary School
2017-2018 English Department

Sunday Smile

Students went to RTHK to record a radio programme ‘Sunday Smile’. In the program, they talked about their school life in Po Kok. Moreover, they sang our English Friday theme song ‘ My Heart Will Go On.’ That was a wonderful moment for them.
English Drama Team

Our school drama team has joined the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2017/18. They won seven awards in total, included the Outstanding Actors, Outstanding Script. Outstanding Co-operation and Award for Commendable Overall Performance.
English Friday

Students love English Friday and they specially like the Phonics Fishing Game. A rich variety of fun-filled language related activities were held on every Friday to provide opportunities for students to use the language in meaningful context.
Parent-child Strategic Reading Programme

To cultivate a reading habit, our school joint efforts with our parents, a Parent-child Strategic Reading Programme was launched to equip parents with necessary parent-child reading strategies. Both parents and children were delighted in these precious moment when they read together.
Choral speaking competition
See how smart and confidence our Po Kok P1 and P2 boys and girls in choral speaking! Our school has won a certificate of merit in the HK Schools Speech Festival.
SCOLAR English Alliance Rugby Club
Our school collaborate with SCOLAR Rugby Club to give the students a wonderful experience in learning English. Step out of the classrooms, with the fresh breeze and the lovely sunshine, learning English is such fun!

2. English Activities
Implementation Plan
School Speech Festival—Solo Verse Speaking
School Speech Festival—Choral Speaking
External Activities/Competition
English Ambassadors
English Wonderland
English Friday
Jolly Party
English Week
English Remedial Course for the Newly Arrived Children
RTHK-Sunday Smile
Puppetry Competition
Interview Training
4. Subject resources/self-directing zone

The online e-learning platform, i-learner, is subscribed to allow students access to comprehensive reading material at specifically graded levels, which can allow students to star where they comfortable and read at increasing levels of difficulty.
There is also a school e-class system where parents can find exercises or recordings which may support some of the work that students do. Teachers usually indicate to students when they should look here for further information.